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October/November Sign Scream – Tiger Tail

October/November Sign Scream – Tiger Tail


LIMITED FLAVOUR: Available only in a Pint – while quantities last!

Our Sign Scream flavour is curated monthly by our starry-eyed resident planetary expert and instructor of astrology at the Northern Star College, Ali-Sun Morgon.

Who runs the world?  Bees do!  Although no bees were harmed or even bugged in the creation of this feel-good ice cream, we celebrate them nonetheless.  Yes, I can hear you buzzing already, bees are ruled by Gemini, but Cancer is the archetypal Mama with the kind of cardinal ‘get it done’ force who nourishes, heals and protects her family… exactly the kind of force that bees tend to embody.  Cancer energy is all about devotion, and those worker bees are certainly devoted to their queen.

It’s a special one this month, Twice Cream darlings… in plenty of time for All Hallow’s Eve.

Although it may seem so at first, there is nothing superficial about Scorpio or the month ahead.  Sun enters Scorpio October 23rd, and your favourite scoop shop has quietly unveiled a sinfully tasty and all-natural creation to celebrate Halloween and its ubiquitous orange and black color palette.

Much like the placid Scorpionic dark water surface that says, “nothing to see here, folks”, the stealth Twice Cream dream team started quietly stocking their freezer a week ago with pints of Tiger Tail ice cream… that’s right, the black sheep of the ice cream world in the 50s, 60s and 70s.  No neon sign, no fanfare, just a hushed rollout for a mysterious reimagining of a classic that sells itself.  When you know, you just know!

However, you won’t get to try this delicacy without committing to it, because, not unlike the showstopper that is Scorpio, it’s not available for scooping… only in pints!

Its depth of flavour honours the substance and bottomless, unknown waters of Scorpio.  Strong orange flavour, without any neon (fake) orange colour, just super concentrated orange juice, sans pulp, sans sugar, sans preservatives, and boiled annatto seeds to enhance the natural orange hue.

Venus, which rules our desires, also enters Scorpio the same day as the Sun, so Scorpio’s deep, dark, desirous nature is represented in this ice cream by its distinct lashings of black liquorice ribbons… slinky and sexy, like Scorpio, and reminiscent not just of the tiger’s tail but of the scorpion’s tail as well.  Again, all-natural liquorice, activated charcoal, aniseed extract and Black Italian Sambuca, to satiate the urges of many a Scorpio with a more elevated palate.

Did I mention that 2022 also happens to be the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese zodiac?

If that’s not enough, Scorpio keeps turning up the volume this month, as more planets and celestial events join the party!  Not only does Pluto rule Scorpio, but Pluto is all about intensity, which means it definitely approves of such a bold and complex flavour palette.  Moreover, on October 25th we get a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, cuddled up to fair Venus, inviting us to have a passionate change of heart.  So, if you’ve never really had a thing for Tiger Tail, this version fresh from the Twice Cream lab may just be powerful enough to sway you to reconsider.  By the time Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29th, you will definitely have made up your mind… it’ll be time to have an honest conversation with yourself about how many pints you can fit in your freezer, before this delicacy disappears in November at the end of the Scorpio cycle.

On a more personal note:  literally TWICE the inspiration this month, thanks to two extra special twin Scorpios, James and Austin, dear to Romeo’s heart (along with their big sister Alex), whom he had the privilege of nannying for the first half of their lives… they are turning 10 on October 30th, so not only do they love Halloween, but they are two very distinct, fraternal twins whose unique talents and attributes seem to contrast each other, like two different flavours and colours, but when you put them together, it’s a magical combination.

Happy Birthday to ALL of you beautiful Scorpios, especially Austin and James, and have a wonderful cycle and Twice the Happy Halloween 2022!!

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