Twice Cream


About Us

Twice Cream is about more than just delicious, artisanal ice cream—it’s about creating lasting memories around food and shared experiences.


Like treating your kids to ice cream after a game, or grabbing ice cream with friends on a hot summer day.  Perhaps it’s the memory of a first date, ordering just one to share, but with two spoons and twice the scoops.

The Twice in
Twice Cream

For Twice Cream co-founder Romeo, his memories of ice cream take him back to his ‘coming-of-age’ in the 90s when he worked and travelled abroad for five years through the likes of Milan, Italy, and as far away as Sydney, Australia. It’s during these years, toiling away in the modelling industry and gigging as a barista, that Romeo discovered a passion for gelato. The flavours, the textures, the decadent sweetness—he couldn’t learn enough about it, and couldn’t eat enough of it… he always had to have a second helping.


For fellow co-founder Lilly, her memories of ice cream take her just a little further back to baking “cookies” and scooping “ice cream” out of Play-Doh in her childhood playroom, “serving” it to friends and family. She’s been passionate about food and cuisine ever since and is known for her uncanny ability to bring together family and friends over beautiful meals, infused with bold and exotic flavours. For Lilly, ice cream is the perfect way to channel all these skills into something everyone loves and appreciates.


This is how Twice Cream was born. Two best friends with two passions who came together to have twice the adventures and create twice the memories with twice the love, and of course, Twice the scoops. 


Twice Cream endeavours to produce and deliver premium, artisanal ice cream that brings people together, while creating lasting memories and satisfying the cravings of just about every type of ice cream lover.


Twice Cream draws upon our diverse family backgrounds and years of travel experience to bring a wider, bolder menu of ice cream flavours to our hometown, unlike anything Edmonton ice cream lovers have tasted before. Not to worry, we won’t leave out the classic flavours—the staple flavours upon which your love of ice cream is founded.

Our Commitment

Twice Cream’s handmade from scratch, small-batch ice cream is made using only the best ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. We collaborate with local like-minded businesses to help us take our flavour profile to an even higher level. We strive to use all natural ingredients, with natural flavourings and colours and non-GMO ingredients. 


Twice Cream quality tests every flavour, batch-by-batch, to personally ensure our products meet our strict standards for taste and quality control.

Twice Cream Philosophy

Healthy communities are the building blocks to healthy futures. We’re committed to investing in our local community and supporting local charities, while fostering an all-inclusive work environment. Our hope is to spread a little joy and peace through ice cream, using the healing power of food as a catalyst for creating community and spreading joy.