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September Sign Scream: Apple Pie


September Sign Scream: Apple Pie


LIMITED FLAVOUR: Available in pints only after
the end of September, and only while quantities last!

Our Sign Scream flavour is curated monthly by our starry-eyed resident planetary expert and instructor of astrology at the Northern Star College, Ali-Sun Morgon.


Who runs the world?  Bees do!  Although no bees were harmed or even bugged in the creation of this feel-good ice cream, we celebrate them nonetheless.  Yes, I can hear you buzzing already, bees are ruled by Gemini, but Cancer is the archetypal Mama with the kind of cardinal ‘get it done’ force who nourishes, heals and protects her family… exactly the kind of force that bees tend to embody.  Cancer energy is all about devotion, and those worker bees are certainly devoted to their queen.


Virgo has arrived to wind down the summer, boo. But the good news is, she turns down the Leo summer heat with a celebration of flavour.

What better way to celebrate the Alberta harvest bounty than with Apple Pie ice cream, available for the whole month of September? Twice Cream labs get extra points for this month’s comforting combination… chunks of homemade graham pie crust pay homage to Virgo’s association with wheat. Very local apples, from Edmonton trees, gathered by friends, baked in butter and cinnamon, enhanced with organic apple juice, not from concentrate. The discerning Virgo approves of the hard work, attention to detail and quality ingredients in each bite of this month’s SignScream… enjoy it, and the fall season, no matter your sign.

We have our friend Elita to thank for the organic, VERY local apples, picked from her tree right here in Edmonton… tried and tested for their true apple flavour, baked with butter and cinnamon, add organic apple juice (not from concentrate) and then our in-house baked graham crust pieces, and you’ve got apple pie in a cone… or cup, or pint!

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