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Pride Scream

Pride Scream


LIMITED FLAVOUR:  Available only while quantities last!


It’s back!  The flavour that marvelled, even baffled those who tried it last year, only this year it’s actually in time for Pride month… that distinct hint of star anise, with candied fennel seeds and a splash of bright happy passionfruit jam throughout.

Everyone still with us after that astrologically loaded May?

There is good news and great ice cream in store for you this month to smooth your ragged nerves so let’s begin!

The Moon is full in Sagittarius on June 4th. This Moon will be both challenged and supported with fiery influences to turn up the heat. What cools down fire better than an ice cream? I say honour that fiery Moon with this month’s spicy special Hot Honey Haskap! This month the Sun is in Gemini. Gemini loves to make connections and collaborate. The Sun shines a spot light on a new theme monthly. Not surprisingly, the Twice Cream labs have paired up not once, but TWICE with local vendors this month to bring you their rotational best and please that happy Gemini Sun. The Haskaps come from Rosy Farms just outside the city. The fire gets turned up just a smidge with a Calabrian chilli pepper infused honey. Yes please! The next day hedonistic Venus enters fiery Leo so I know you’ll be loving this fire infused treat ALL month.

Pluto goes back into Capricorn June 11th for 7 months. It has been in Aquarius the last few months. The Twice Cream Labs are also re-treading some familiar ground by bringing back Pride Scream from last year for Pride month. Candied fennel seed and a happy splash of passionfruit jam will make you feel great about going back in time for a bit. Mercury also enters Gemini on June 11th which is this playful sign’s ruler. Connect, get out, go for Twice Cream with old friends this month! Need even more reason to call up old friends and retry old favourites? There’s a New Moon in Gemini on June 18th

Summer Solstice is upon us June 21st. This is the first day of summer for us! The Sun enters Cancer and it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer June 26th and suddenly we are in the creative, instinctual, water realm of emotions.  Cancer is a foodie and will love this month’s other scrumptious collaboration with Destination Doughnuts on 124th Street. Twice Cream and Destination Doughnuts teamed up to create Sprinkle Doughnut. Caution, may contain genius…and gluten.

Our Sign Scream flavour is curated monthly by our starry-eyed resident planetary expert and instructor of astrology at the Northern Star College, Ali-Sun Morgon.

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