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December Sign Scream: Gingerbread

December Sign Scream: Gingerbread


LIMITED FLAVOUR: Available only while quantities last!

Replace white sugar with brown, add a little fancy molasses, ground cloves, ginger, cinnamon and Lilly’s delicious gingerbread chunks baked in house, and you’ve got X-mas in a scoop.

Our Sign Scream flavour is curated monthly by our starry-eyed resident planetary expert and instructor of astrology at the Northern Star College, Ali-Sun Morgon.

That’s right, we’re a few days behind at the Sign Scream desk… obviously we needed to wait for Neptune to go direct on December 4th, so we could get more clarity?  Or perhaps we waited for Mercury to enter Capricorn on December 6th?  Either way, Capricorn is a ‘get stuff done and make it tangible’ kinda sign, whereas Mercury is all about the mind.  So when Mercury enters Capricorn, it’s time to stop thinking and start creating… and creation is precisely what the Twice Cream laboratory has been manifesting this month, featuring not one, not two, but three ambitious seasonal rotational flavours for your enjoyment!

There’s a lot happening celestially this month, ice cream lovers, so why shouldn’t this be reflected in the heavenly Twice Cream labs?  In fact, I had so much trouble narrowing it down, it’s apparent this month we need to talk about ALL the rotationals!

To ride out the Sagittarius season they’ve prepared an inspired, warm and spicy Gingerbread ice cream, with chunks of their own in-house-baked authentic gingerbread. They’ve replaced the white sugar with brown, added fancy molasses, and infused the base with ground ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Have a scoop of this on December 8th to celebrate that Gemini full moon, cuz that’s what I’m talkin’ about… Gemini is our Astro chatterbox!

The full moon cuddles up to retrograding Mars, so it’ll be full of fire, just like Sagittarius. On December 10th, the lovely Venus enters Capricorn, hence things get a whole lot more chic with the Cranberry Pear Port flavour. This 3-ingredient compote is infused into the base AND swirled throughout this pleasurable treat in tart, red, Venusian ribbons. Venus in Capricorn knows what it wants, and will stop at nothing to get it… thankfully, Capricorn tempers Venus’s tendency to overindulge, so you will be able to restrain yourself from overdoing it with such a refined, delicate flavour, meant to be savoured slowly

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st… Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere!  To usher in Capricorn, the winter season AND the thick of the holiday season, Candy Cane Chip is sure to keep things festive.  The same way sugarplums tend to dance in your head at this time of year, little bits of dark Callebaut chocolate, as well as bits of candy cane, dance around in every bite of this reimagined, very pepperminty flavour. Very refreshing, very substantial.

Finally, allow me to take a moment to send birthday shoutouts to the creators and innovators at Twice Cream, Capricornian dream team Lilly and Romeo… Happy Birthday, and thanks for spearheading such a community-minded business that brings so much joy to so many!

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