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Pride Scream: Candied Fennel Passionfruit


Pride Scream: Candied Fennel Passionfruit


LIMITED FLAVOUR: Available only while quantities last!

Late for Pride, but always proud!

Who says the guest that arrives fashionably late to the party can’t still have a tonne of fun?  Even after Pride Month is over, the celebration doesn’t exactly fizzle out… not with this bright, yet complex and delicious tribute to our beloved Edmonton LGBTQ+ community.  Dedicated to acceptance and diversity, this multi-colored, joyous and inclusive screamer is infused with (super) star anise, sprinkled with a dash of the rainbow (candied fennel seeds), and surrounded with ribbons of sunshine in the form of passionfruit freezer jam.  Not only have we sealed in the realness of all that is good about being fruity, but we’ve added a layer of spice (of life) to represent our depth, our joie de vivre, our refined good taste and our capacity for warmth and compassion.

Happy Pride 2022 everyone, all year round, and congratulations to Fruit Loop of Edmonton, curator of this flavour, for 9 successful years of helping this city reunite and recharge the Pride season!

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